UTC Oceanside Programs

At USA Taekwondo Center Oceanside, we offer a variety of programs suitable for all ages and levels of experience. Our instructors work hard to ensure a fair, safe, and accessible learning environment for all students, including persons with disabilities.

Martial arts benefit everybody! It is never too early or late to start your Taekwondo journey!


Building good habits at a young, impressionable age is critical. USA Taekwondo Center’s Little Dragon program is a great way for young kids to build strong physical, mental, and moral habits. During these half-hour classes, we emphasize respect and discipline first and foremost, making sure that they have the self-control needed to practice martial arts. Students will learn to listen, comprehend, and follow directions, in order to develop their balance, coordination, and flexibility. We also make sure that they can get interact with their peers with courtesy and kindness. This is a separate curriculum from our regular program, taking about a year to graduate and move on to the standard curriculum.


In our children’s program, our students develop both a strong body and an active mind. Students will be challenged physically in order to strengthen their developing motor skills and also be expected to show growth in their mental and emotional maturity. In order to rise through the belt system, students will need to show more than just rote memorization of our curriculum; they must show good behavior in their lives at home and at school as well. At USA Taekwondo Center, we want our students to be the leaders of the next generation.


Teenagers and adults will be trained to sharpen their gross motor skills and coordination, in addition to maintaining their overall physical condition and flexibility. In stepping outside of their comfort zones and developing new skills, these students come to establish a unique awareness of their physicality that works in sync with their mind. For this program, students are expected to display a higher level of maturity, make smart decisions, and demonstrate a solid work ethic. We here at USA Taekwondo Center strongly believe that it is never too late to start a career in martial arts, and encourage people of all ages to try it out!

Competition Program – Team One Condor

Team One Condor is a competition team at our Oceanside location. This concentrated training program conditions and develops athletes in preparation for tournament level sparring and/or poomsae.

Please check out our Team One Condor page for more information – and follow us on instagram (@team_one_condor) linked below!